Nick Receives Minister’s Reply on A40 Speed Limit Request

Monmouth Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, has received a reply from Ken Skates AM, Minister for Economy & Transport after writing to the Welsh Government to ask for a reduced speed limit to be considered on the A40 between Raglan and Abergavenny with the aim of reducing road noise .

Campaigners have been pressing for a reduced speed limit as a simple, cost effective way of reducing the noise from the concrete road surface which blights their homes.

The reply received from Ken Skates AM read as follows: “We have no plans to reduce the speed limit in the vicinity of The Bryn as part of noise reduction measures at the present time. The speed limit will be considered separately in the future as part of our ongoing review of speed limits in Wales which considers road safety matters. New policy and guidance would be required in order to review any potential speed limit reduction to improve noise levels; this is something we will consider in the future,”

Speaking today Nick said: “ This will be very disappointing news for constituents, but I understand Welsh Government officials are due to meet with residents of The Bryn next month when the matter will be discussed further. I hope to be able to attend that meeting.”