Nick Receives Minister’s Response on Safety Concerns at Llanellen Bridge on A4042

Monmouth Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, has received a reply from Ken Skates AM, Minister for Economy & Transport after writing to the Welsh Government to raise concerns about the dangerous Llanellen Bridge on the A4042.

The Minister stated in his reply: “Replacement of the existing bridge is not considered a feasible option, as it is a Grade II listed structure. Providing a new bridge in close proximity is also deemed unfeasible due to the need to acquire land and properties and concerns that it may affect the visual footprint of the existing bridge. As part of previous work, officials discussed with CADW and Monmouthshire County Council what changes could be made to the bridge and were advised that being listed and having special interest as an elegant structure, they would not support any direct replacement or major modifications such as widening or easing of the hump at the centre of the bridge.

“The Welsh Government routinely monitor the motorway and trunk road network for locations with a record of personal injury collisions recorded by the police to identify the need for road safety improvements.  There have been no personal injury collisions recorded on the bridge at Llanellen in the last 5 years to end of December 2018. We await details of the collision referenced by your constituent from the police to be considered in this process.”

Speaking today Nick said: “Clearly the Welsh Government does not have details of accidents occurring at the bridge this year, and which concerned constituents have reported to me.

“ The fact remains that this picturesque old bridge is no longer suited to current levels of traffic and the size of vehicles on the road today. It’s a shame that we may well have to wait for a really serious accident at this location before any improvements are considered further.”