Nick Signs Petition to Support Black Rock Lave Net Fishery

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay has signed an online petition to help save the Black Rock Lave Net Fishery, the last lave net fishery in Wales and the last remaining on the Severn estuary.

Lave Net Fishing is a traditional method of fishing which has been practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years. The Lave Net Fishermen at Black Rock who all come from the local villages of Sudbrook, Portskewett and Caldicot and practise a tradition which has been passed down through the generations.

On 10th May 2020 the Black Rock fishermen launched their online petition  with the aim of saving their heritage fishery which is once again being threatened by Natural Resources Wales’s imposition of further restrictions requiring all salmon caught to be released if a licence is to be granted. The lave net fishermen consider this unfair, unwarranted  and prejudicial to their method of fishing which will fade away if the new restrictions apply to them.

Speaking today Nick said: “ I am a keen supporter of the tradition of lave net fishing, and have signed the petition in the hope that Natural Resources Wales and Welsh Government will review the issue and will allow an exception in this case to permit the Black Rock Lave Net Fishery to continue into the future.

“ This is the third petition the fishery has launched in the last 20 years, with earlier petitions being presented to the Welsh Government in 2001 and 2007. I will be doing all I can to support this group of keen local fishermen who wish to preserve their tradition for future generations to enjoy. Further details can be found at or on their facebook page.”