Nick Visits New Rutherford Cancer Centre

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, recently visited Newport’s new Rutherford Cancer Centre which specialises in High Energy Proton Beam Therapy.

This state of the art facility first opened its doors to cancer patients in April and has been commissioned by the Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee (WHSSC) to treat NHS patients, avoiding previously stressful and expensive overseas trips for Welsh families.

This centre represents a step change in the treatment of Welsh cancer patients. In addition to the more conventional radio and chemotherapy treatments also available, the Proton Beams created by the centre’s advanced equipment can be focussed solely on cancer cells without harming surrounding tissues and organs which can be especially important when treating young people..

Speaking after his visit to the centre Nick said: “I was concerned and frustrated to learn that children living in South Wales are still being sent to Manchester for Proton Beam Therapy at an alternative centre. It’s not often Wales can boast its own centre of excellence in an area like this, so I will be pressing the Welsh Government to do more to enable as many South Wales cancer patients, including children, to be treated here, as locally as possible to their homes.”

Photo Caption: Attached photo shows Nick Ramsay at the Rutherford Cancer Centre