Nick Welcomes GWR Support for Passengers with Hidden Disabilities

Senedd Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay has welcomed news that GWR is now participating in the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme which helps those who have a non-visible disability to discreetly indicate that they need extra support or a little more time. GWR is introducing the scheme now to particularly support those with hidden disabilities who are not able to wear face coverings which are now compulsory for those using public transport when travelling in England.

Lanyards with a simple sunflower design are available for free from the GWR Passenger Assist team on 0800 197 1329, by email or by contacting GWR on social media. Once travel restrictions allow, the lanyards will also be made available from station ticket offices.

Speaking today Nick said: “It’s important that as lockdown is eased and people start to use the trains and public transport again, that we do everything possible to ensure that the services available are accessible to those with non-visible disabilities. GWR’s move to be part of the brilliant Sunflower Lanyard Scheme will make it easier for customers with a non-visible disability to gain the support and assistance they require.

“ I also understand that the Sunflower lanyard scheme in addition offers a card for those unable to wear a face covering due to disability or illness. If a customer has an exemption and is unable to wear a face covering while travelling, this card can help support them on their journey. A passenger does not need to have this specific card to travel without a covering but would need a legitimate excuse for not wearing a face covering while travelling on public transport in England.”