Nick Welcomes News That Monmouth’s Recycling Centre to Re-open

Local Member of the Welsh Parliament for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, has welcomed news that Monmouthshire County Council will be re-opening the Troy Recycling Centre near Monmouth shortly.

Nick has received many calls over the last few months from constituents living in the Monmouth area, and further afield, who were unhappy at having to travel to Abergavenny with their waste.

The Usk recycling centre has also been closed for some time requiring many people to make long journeys to dispose of their household waste responsibly.

Speaking today Nick said: “ I was very pleased to hear that the Troy centre is to reopen very soon, as many people have been contacting me over the issue and it is also the centre I use personally from time to time.

“ I understand the Usk centre remains closed but is under review, so we will have to wait and see what the Council decides about the viability of Usk recycling centre for the future.

“ I know many people will be very happy at the news that the Troy centre will soon be open once again, not only for their own convenience but hopefully to help reduce fly tipping in the county.”