Nick Welcomes Progress with A40 Bus Stop

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay, welcomed news that the Welsh Government has at last approved Monmouthshire County Council’s proposals to provide an off-line bus stop on the A40 near Tesco Abergavenny.


Constituents have been complaining to their local Assembly Member for months about the delay replacing the former bus stop in Frogmore Street which was removed due to the changed road layout in Abergavenny town centre.


Speaking today Nick said: “ I’m very pleased to hear that the Welsh Government has finally agreed the Council’s proposals which will provide a new bus stop for all bus services, including those turning on to Pen-y-pound, whilst retaining the location of the existing pedestrian crossing.


Nick added, “ I hope service users won’t have to wait too much longer for funding to be in place so that the new bus stop can be constructed as soon as possible.”