No Government support for new Monmouth roundabout


MONMOUTH Town Council’s proposals for a new roundabout on the A40 at Monmouth have failed to win the support of the Welsh Government, Monmouth Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has been told.

Nick wrote to the Minister responsible for trunk roads in Wales, Carl Sargent AM, after meeting members of Monmouth Town Council to discuss their proposals to help resolve worsening traffic problems in the area – listed as second in the country’s ten worst gridlock A roads in a recent Sunday Times’ report. 

“Councillors believe that traffic congestion would be eased if a new roundabout was constructed on the Monmouth side of the tunnels, together with access to the A466 via a second river crossing,” said Nick.

“They pointed out that access from Monmouth town to Wyesham is both complicated and time consuming and that an excessive number of vehicles have to use Wye Bridge because three main access routes all converge there.

“Another concern was that up to 1,000 unsupervised schoolchildren regularly walk over Wye Bridge where the footpaths are no more than 1.5m wide.  A new road link would also help emergency vehicles to reach Wyesham within the recommended target times.

“I subsequently wrote to the Minister asking that serious consideration be given to the council’s request for a full traffic feasibility study for a new roundabout and a second river crossing.

“However, the Minister has replied that the Government would not support proposals for a new roundabout on the grounds that there was little external support for the measure, either from the Emergency Services or from National Express. The regional transport consortium have stated that any benefit to local residents would be at significant detriment to the users of the trunk road.

“On a more positive note, the Government has undertaken a study at the Dixton Roundabout and has recommended the installation of additional amber warning lights on the southbound approach, warning motorists of school traffic at appropriate times. Subject to funding being available, work on installing the lights is scheduled to begin during the financial year 2012/13.”