Ramsay signs petition to safeguard Lord Raglan's Crimean Collection


MONMOUTH Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, is supporting a petition launched by the Raglan Rescue campaign which seeks to ensure that the Late Lord Raglan’s important collection of military memorabilia relating to the Napoleonic and Crimean Wars is not dispersed at auction.

The Raglan Rescue campaign aims to safeguard the collection so that it is kept together and hopefully entrusted to a national museum where the collection would be available to the public to view and preserved safely for the future.

Speaking today Nick said: “ I remain very concerned that the collection may be lost to a foreign buyer and would encourage everyone to support Raglan Rescue’s campaign and sign their e-petition accessed on its website www.raglanrescue.co.uk .

“I have raised the issue with CADW in the hope that support can be provided to ensure the collection remains in Wales as part of our military history for all to see.”