Sound fences proposed to alleviate traffic noise at The Bryn

Sound mitigation fences could be the best short term solution to reducing the deafening noise of traffic from a stretch of the A40 between Raglan and Abergavenny, which has been causing misery to residents of The Bryn, Dr Richard Morgan, the Welsh Government’s Head of Planning and Assessment Management told a well attended meeting at the village hall last Friday. 

Local residents, led by Andrew Sheasby, have fought a decade long campaign for action to be taken to reduce traffic noise in the area.

Their campaign has been supported by Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay who has repeatedly called on the Welsh Government to replace the outdated concrete road surface with whisper tarmac.

Earlier this year the Welsh Government carried out a trial of a treatment to assess noise generation and durability on this stretch of the A40.

Speaking at last Friday’s meeting, Dr Morgan told residents that patches from the trial showed that the treatment would make very little difference to the noisy surface and that sound mitigation fences could be a better option.

Commenting on the proposal, Mr Ramsay said: “ Residents from the Bryn have been campaigning long and hard for a solution to reduce noise levels from this busy stretch of road, one of only a few left in the country with a concrete surface. Hopefully sound mitigation fences will go some way towards alleviating the problem in the short term but I will be asking the Minister for a long term plan to replace this noisy surface with whisper tarmac.”